Dear students,
here are your tasks for next week.  If you need some help planning your timetable, our suggestion is:

First lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last school week – worksheets solutions pupils book 4.1.-8.1. and solutions workbook 4.1.-8.1.
  2. Solve  KV 3 number 2a, 2b and 3 .


Second lesson:

  1. Solve Workbook page 37 number 1, number 2a, 2b, 2c. Here is the soundtrack:
  2. Listen to the song (page 53, number 3)and sing it. Have fun.^^ Here is the soundtrack:
  3. Look at the pictures on page 54 and solve number 1a in written form.
  4. Read the text and listen to the soundtrack:
  5. Solve number 1b on page 54 in written form.


Third lesson:

  1. Be able to translate the text. (Sei in der Lage, den Text zu übersetzten.) You can write down the German translation.
  2. Train reading the text.


Fourth lesson:

  1. Online lesson on Thursday, 14th January at 10.50 in your chat room
    You need your books and your folders.

Dear students who couldn’t participate in our online session (… die nicht an unserer Onlinesitzung teilnehmen konnten),

That’s no problem. These are the things we did:

Pupils book page 52 and 53 number 1a and 1c (you can find the soundtrack above)

KV 3.1

KV 3 number 1

Enjoy your time.

See you soon
Mrs Schöne and Mrs Kowohl