Dear students of form 4c,

I hope that you are still fine and enjoying your time. Here are the tasks for 18th January to 22nd January:

First lesson, Wednesday 3rd lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last week: solution worksheet 1, solution worksheet 2, solution activity book page 7, solution worksheet 3, solution worksheet 4
  2. Print Merkblatt time and stick it into your grammar books (… und klebt es in eure Grammatikbücher)
  3. Read Merkblatt time and learn the rules (… und lerne die Regeln)
  4. Solve KV 7 number 1
  5. Solve KV 7 number 2: Draw your own time and write it down (Zeichne deine eigene Uhrzeit ein und schreibe sie auf)

Second lesson, (Thursday, 1st lesson)

  1. Look at Emily’s timetable on pupils book page 5 and solve Worksheet 1
  2. Activity Book page 8, number 1 and 2 (you can’t check with a partner of course)
  3. KV 8 number 1 and 2: Write your own dialogue for three people (two students and the bus driver) and then read it alone with disguised voice 😉.
  4. Sing the London Rap. Sing out loud so that your family knows you have finished your English tasks.


Third lesson:
Online lesson: Friday, 13.00 to ca. 13.30 in your chatroom

Have a nice time. See you online on Friday.

Best wishes

Chr. Kowohl