Dear students of form 4c,
Here are the tasks for 22nd  February to 26th  February:

First lesson, Monday, 22nd February:
Online lesson 1 o’clock until quarter to two (13.00 – 13.45)

You need your Activity Book, your folder and your grammar book.

Second lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last week: solution KV 15, solution Activity Book 11, solution worksheet 2.11
  2. Solve worksheet 2.1 easy or worksheet 2.1 difficult. You can choose. (Du kannst auswählen, ob einfach oder schwer.)
  3. Look at pupils book page 12 and read the dialogue. You needn’t print that page.
  4. Now look at number 2. Write three more dialogues like number 1 in your folder. (Schreibe 3 Dialoge wie in Nummer 1 in deinen Hefter.)

Third lesson:

  1. Solve worksheet 2.2. You needn’t print it. Just write the sentences in your folders.
  2. Solve Activity Book page 12 number 5. Here is the soundtrack:
  3. Write your own (deinen eigenen) weather report for Friday 26th February. Write it in the box on page 12 of your Activity Book and train reading your report (number 6, 7 and star).
  4. Do this online exercise:’s_the_weather_like_today$_vk313886xg

Have a nice time, see you online on Monday and soon at school.
Best wishes

Chr. Kowohl