Dear students of form 4a,

Nearly there! Only one week left before the holidays! Here are the tasks for 25th January to 29th January:

First lesson, Tuesday, 2nd lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last week: Activity Book page 53, food, Activity Book page 8, number 3 + 4
  2. Listen to the story “The Earl of Sandwich” Here is the soundtrack:
  3. Read the story (KV 9). Then solve worksheet 1.9 number 1 and the tasks on KV 9.

Second lesson, Wednesday, 4th lesson:

  1. Listen to the text again and train reading KV 9 (Mind: The soundtrack and the text on KV 9 are not identical.)
  2. Solve worksheet 1.9 number 2 and 3
  3. Solve KV 11

Third lesson, Thursday, 1st lesson:

  1. Today you are the Earl of Sandwich. Make your own perfect sandwich for breakfast.
    (Mach dein eigenes …) 😊
  2. But before you eat it take a photo of your sandwich so that you can show it to me when we meet again at school.

Enjoy your sandwich.

Have a nice time and relax during the holidays. Enjoy the days without homeschooling and computer. Hope to see you soon.

Best wishes
Mrs Kowohl