Dear students of form 4c,

Nearly there! Only one week left before the holidays! Here are the tasks for 25th January to 29th January:

First lesson, Wednesdy, 3rd lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last week: solution KV 7, solution worksheet 1, solution Activity Book 8, solution KV 8
  2. Look at the postcards of pupils book page 8. You needn’t print the page. Just solve worksheet 1.8 number 1 to 4. (Du brauchst die Seite nicht ausdrucken, löse nur das Arbeitsblatt dazu.)

Second lesson, Thursday, 1st lesson:

  1. Solve worksheet 1.8 number 5. Mind your spelling and your handwriting. (Achtet auf eure Rechtschreibung und auf eure Handschrift.)
  2. Do the online exercise:

I wish you a great time. Enjoy your holidays. And CU in February

Best wishes

Chr. Kowohl