Dear students of form 4b,

I hope you had great holidays and you are ready for the new school week.
Here are the tasks for 8th February to 12th February:

First lesson, Monday, 8th February:
Online lesson 11 o’clock to 11.45
You need your Activity Books and your folders.

Second lesson:

  1. Check your solutions of last week: solution worksheet 1.8
  2. Do the online exercise again:
  3. Activity Book page 53 – Write down the food you learned.
  4. Activity Book page 8 number 3 and 4. Here is the soundtrack
  5. Train reading the dialogue. (Übe das Lesen des Dialogs.)

Third lesson:

  1. Listen to the story “The Earl of Sandwich”. Here is the soundtrack:
  2. Read the story (KV 9). Then solve worksheet 1.9 number 1 and the tasks on KV 9.

See you online on Monday.
Best wishes
Mrs Kowohl