Dear boys and girls,
I hope you had fantastic holidays and you are ready to start home schooling again.
Here are the tasks for 8th February to 12th February:

Unfortunately I can’t offer an online lesson this week. (Leider kann ich diese Woche keine Onlinestunde anbieten.)

Lesson 1:

  1. Check your solutions of last week:
    solution worksheet 14, solution worksheet 15, solution worksheet 16, solution Activity Book 12, solution Activity Book 14, solution KV 10
  2. Look at Rabbit’s Party (you needn’t print it) and listen to the text. Here is the soundtrack:
  3. Look at the picture and listen to the soundtrack again. Now solve Worksheet 17.
  4. Train reading the speech bubbles. (Übe das Lesen der Sprechblasen.) You can listen to the soundtrack again.

Lesson 2:

  1. Solve worksheet 2.16.
  2. Activity Book page 15 – Portfolio
    Fill in the page, stick in a photo of your pet or draw your pet. (Klebe ein Foto deines … oder male …)
    If you have no pet, draw your favourite pet. (Wenn du kein Haustier hast, zeichne dein Lieblingshaustier.)
  3. Do this online task :

And here are some nice online exercises again if you have time.

Hope to see you at school or online next week.

Best wishes

Mrs Kowohl