Monday, 25th January

Today we want to repeat (wiederholen) the ordinal numbers and concentrate on (auf etw. konzentrieren) the writing.

  1. Copy all the ordinal numbers + highlights (Hervorhebungen) from p. 229 in your English books. Write down the German translations too.—> vocabulary book
  2. Practise the writing! Do at least three links (mindestens 3 links)! (repeat months) (ordinal endings) (writing ordinal numbers) (writing ordinal numbers) (complex exercise)

3. Optional: Logicals

(Für die Rätselfreudigen unter euch stelle ich Logicals bereit. Ihr kennt das Prinzip aus dem Unterricht. Sucht euch bei „Logicals birthday II“ nur eines der 3 Rätsel aus –> 1 Stern = leicht, 2 Sterne = mittel, 3 Sterne = schwierig)

Logicals birthday I

Logicals birthday II

answers for the logicals: Lösungen Logical I, Lösungen Logical II


Wednesday, 27th January

last video chat before the holidays

Please print out this table and stick (einkleben) it in your exercise book (GRAMMAR PART): plurals table

We meet via Jitsi!

Time: 8.30 – 9.20 

This is what we did today:

  1. We looked at the rules for the plurals in English.
  2. We did an exercise.

answers: answers plural forms (Die Beispiele in der Tabelle unterscheiden sich etwas von denen, die wir im Videochat gefunden haben.)

Optional: Practise the new vocabulary voc. p. 195


Thursday, 28th January

Practice the plural of nouns a little more!

You can do a worksheet or click on the internet links. You don’t have to do all the worksheets and internet links. Do as many as you want (so viel wie ihr wollt.)

AB plural of nouns (1)

AB plural of nouns (2)

AB plural of nouns (3)

AB plural of nouns (4)ü


answers: will follow this evening