Good morning everyone,

how are you today?

Let’s get ready for another homeschooling week.


  1. workbook p. 38 nb. 15                        (solution: 1r,2w,3r,4n,5r,6w,7w)

Here you can find a worksheet for the audio file. (Don’t look at the the solution before answering.)

2. Sam’s project

Sam’s project


  1. book p. 65 nb 4

2. workbook p 39 nb 16 a)

Markiere beim Lesen der  Aufgabenstellung Wesentliches. Schau dir auch die Hinweise (blau-weißes Kästchen, braune Ellipse und gelbes Post it) genau an.

3. workbook p. 39 nb. 16 b)                    Think hard before you start. Maybe you first take notes or make a mind map.

4. Can you send your email to a partner?  Your partner is your teacher. (16c)

5. Read your email to your class in the video chat on Thursday (6b – 8o’clock; 6c – 9o’clock). You can also come to             school from 10 to 11o’clock.


  1. Follow the link, please.

DIY pranks to fool your friends! | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council

2. Read yesterday’s email aloud, at least three times. Tomorrow you will get a mark.

3. Do not print the following worksheet, only write the sentences. Think about the tense of the verbs first.

class trip

4. workbook p. 44 nb. 3         Look at the key.


video chat 6b – 8 o’clock; 6c – 9o’clock

Don’t forget your email.


  1. workbook p. 45 nb. 5    Look at the key.

Extra: nb. 6


3. Just watch the following „David and Red“ film. Have fun.

David and Red in England | Sendungen | Inhalt | Wissenspool (

4. Please, write me an email about that film. (What do you like, don’t like, think, remember, …) ->1 pm

First think or/and look for help in your book (Skills file) or workbook p.39 (pink post its)


You can’t write an email? -> Write a letter. ->until 1 pm room 201 at school

Have a nice weekend.


Mrs Kranhold